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Grading Policy

Thursday, April 16, 2020 the LPISD Board of Trustees approves a resolution reflecting these changes to 
grading policies. During this unprecedented public health crisis certain temporary modifications to the District's instructional grading and reporting requirements will alleviate academic pressure on students and facilitate the most equitable transition for all students to distance learning. Our goal is to assist students and families through this transition to distance learning, recognizing that while we have the best of the best teachers in place, the internet is not a full replacement of in class instruction. By this change, students, especially at the high school level, can continue to complete assignments with quality and without fear and anxiety of moving down in class rank because of the inherent challenges of distance learning. In the resolution, the board will authorize the following temporary modifications to the LPISD grading system: 

1.    Base promotion, grade-level advancement, and course credit on "proficiency in the curriculum" rather than "mastery of the curriculum."
2.    Replace the numerical grading scale for the 4th nine week cycle for secondary students with a Pass/Incomplete grading system, with passing being an average of 60 or higher.

  • P - numerical grade is the average of the first 3 nine weeks
  • I - Incomplete must be made up before advancing to the next grade level or course. If an incomplete is not made up the numerical grade is the average of the first 3 nine weeks less 20%

3.    Ensure the Pass/Incomplete grades equivalency stated above shall be recorded on the academic achievement record but shall not be used in determining class rank for the 2019-2020 school year.
4.    Replace the numerical grading scale for elementary students with a Pass/Incomplete grading system, with final grade being the average of the first three grading periods of this academic year for students who have a Pass in the fourth grading period.

The modified grading system does not impact Dual Credit students earning college hours as they follow the grading system determined by Trinity Valley Community College. LPISD would record the grade earned through TVCC on the student's LPISD academic achievement record.


The LaPoynor Independent School District is joining a growing number of educational institutions and moving the second semester to a modified grading system due to the Coronavirus crisis. Under this modified grading system, we will use a Pass/Incomplete system. Daily grades that culminate in a 60% or higher average during the final grading cycle will constitute as a Pass and credit earned for the semester for students in grades 6-12. Grade level advancement/classification will be determined by the overall average of the previous three nine week average and the Pass or Incomplete indicators for the final nine week grading cycle. 

lncompletes will have an opportunity to make up the work through the summer program or as soon as the state allows schools to re-open, prior to advancing grade levels. All incompletes not made up prior to the promotion for the next level of the new 2020-2021 school year will revert to a Fail grade. 

Since a Pass or Incomplete is not part of the LaPoynor ISO Grade Point Scale, the final nine-week cycle will not count towards or against a student's overall class rank or Grade Point Average (GPA). LPlSD GPA and Class Rank will be determined by the first three nine week grading cycles for the 2019-2020 academic year, only. This change does not affect the Class of 2020 honor graduate recognition. Final class rank will be determined by the average of the first three nine week cycle grades to determine GPA. 

At the Elementary campus, grades in the computer are frozen as of the end of the third nine week grading period. The fourth nine weeks will use the grading system of Pass/Incomplete. Students will receive Pass if they attempt to complete 70% of the work in the packet with 70% accuracy. Participation points are also awarded by teachers for certain assignments such as ZOOM meetings, discussion calls etc. If a student does not meet the requirements for Pass, they will be given an Incomplete. Students with Incomplete will be required to attend summer school to complete needed work. The first nine weeks will be averaged to determine the final grades  for students who have a Pass for the final nine weeks.