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LaPoynor Election Notice


2002 board election notice     order of election     public notice of automatic tabulating equpiment


Election of Trustees is by position or place in accordance with Texas law. The decision to elect Trustees by this method shall not be rescinded. Education Code 11.058

An application of a candidate for a place on the ballot must be filed not later than 5:00 pm of the 78th day before the day of the election. An application may not be filed earlier than the 30th day before the date of the filing deadline. The application shall include all statutorily required information, including a statement that the candidate is aware of the nepotism law. Education Code 11.055(a), 11.056(b); Election Code 31.0021, 141.031(4)

General Election Dates

Election of Trustees of the District shall be on a Uniform Election Date, usually held in November. Election Code 41.001