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An image of Marsha Mills

Marsha Mills

District Superintendent
An image of Holley Franklin

Holley Franklin

Chief Financial Officer
An image of Kiley Nachtrieb

Kiley Nachtrieb

Administrative Assistant and Accounts Payable
An image of Ashleigh Arnold

Ashleigh Arnold

Director of Information Technology
An image of Brandy Baker

Brandy Baker

Elementary Principal
An image of Jessica Boyette

Jessica Boyette

Director of Child Nutrition
An image of Christy Carnes

Christy Carnes

Secondary Assistant Principal
An image of John Daniels

John Daniels

District Chief of Police
An image of Ronnie Hambrick

Ronnie Hambrick

Director of Transportation and Maintenance
An image of Kelly Hargett

Kelly Hargett

Elementary Instructional Coach
An image of Donna Jeffus

Donna Jeffus

Director of CTE and Curriculum
An image of John Miller

John Miller

Secondary Principal
An image of Jenifer Nuckolls

Jenifer Nuckolls

Secondary Counselor
An image of Jim Reid

Jim Reid

Secondary Administrator
An image of Paige Shultz

Paige Shultz

Director of Special Programs