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The outlined responsibilities encompass a comprehensive role in the management and integration of technology within an educational institution, within the context of LaPoynor Independent School District. Let's elaborate on each aspect:

Planning, Organizing, Implementing, and Monitoring Computerized Processing Systems:

  • This involves developing strategic plans for technology integration, organizing the implementation process, and ensuring the smooth functioning of computerized systems. It may include overseeing the introduction of new technologies and maintaining existing systems.

Promoting Curriculum Integration Through Technology Resources:

  • The role emphasizes the importance of aligning technology with the curriculum. This involves identifying and implementing resources and tools that enhance the educational experience, fostering a seamless integration of technology into various subjects and learning activities.

Supporting Instruction Through Services to Teachers, Administrators, and Staff:

  • The responsibilities extend to providing ongoing support to educators, administrators, and other staff members. This support may involve troubleshooting technical issues, offering guidance on effective use of technology in teaching, and ensuring that the technological infrastructure meets the needs of the educational programs.

Providing Training and Support for LaPoynor Employees in Computer and Technology Use:

  • This involves developing and conducting training programs for LPISD employees to enhance their proficiency in using computers and related technologies. The aim is to empower staff members with the skills and knowledge necessary to leverage technology effectively in their roles.

Improving Management Reporting Systems:

  • The role includes working on enhancing systems that generate management reports. This could involve refining existing reporting mechanisms, implementing new tools, and ensuring that the information generated is accurate, timely, and relevant for decision-making at various levels within the organization.

Improving Data Collection and Management Systems:

  • This responsibility focuses on optimizing the processes involved in collecting, storing, and managing data. It may involve implementing more efficient data management systems, ensuring data security and privacy, and enhancing the overall quality and accessibility of educational data.

In summary, the role is pivotal in overseeing the technological landscape within LaPoynor Independent School District. From strategic planning to day-to-day support, the responsibilities encompass a wide range of activities aimed at enhancing the educational experience through effective and innovative use of technology. This includes not only technical aspects but also a strong focus on integration with the curriculum and continuous improvement of systems and processes.


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Ashleigh Arnold

Director of Information Technology
"The LaPoynor IT Department will support educators to provide a quality education to enable students to achieve their potential by ensuring an engaging, relevant, and future-focused system of education."
LaPoynor Technology Mission Statement
"The LaPoynor IT Department will plan and utilize technology to prepare each student for success and productivity as a lifetime learner, a world-class communicator, a competitive and creative knowledge worker, and an engaged and contributing member of the emerging global digital society."
LaPoynor Technology Vision Statement