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The district places a high priority on providing safe and cost-free school bus transportation for eligible students. Here's an elaboration on the key points:

Transportation Eligibility and Cost:

  • The district extends the privilege of school bus transportation to students residing two or more miles from school, and this service is offered at no cost to the students. This initiative ensures that students who live a considerable distance from the school have a convenient and free means of transportation.

Annual Designation of Bus Routes and Stops:

  • Bus routes and stops are designated on an annual basis. This ensures that transportation logistics are organized and communicated effectively. The annual review and designation process likely takes into account changes in the student population and the community to optimize efficiency.

Safety Measures for Boarding and Unloading:

  • To prioritize safety, students are required to board and unload only at authorized stops. This practice helps maintain a secure and organized transportation system and minimizes potential risks associated with unscheduled stops.

Alternate Pickup/Drop-off Locations:

  • Parents are given the flexibility to designate an alternate pickup or drop-off location, such as a child-care facility or grandparent's residence, provided that the location is on an approved route. This accommodation allows for customization based on the needs of individual families.

Communication and Contact Information:

  • For information regarding bus routes and stops, parents are encouraged to contact the Campus Office at the provided phone number (903) 876-4057. This ensures a direct line of communication and a reliable source of information for parents seeking details about transportation services.

Written Authorization for Alternate Locations:

  • Any changes to the regular pickup or drop-off location must be communicated through a written note signed by the student's guardian. This written authorization helps maintain clarity and ensures that the district is aware of and can accommodate changes to the transportation routine.

Expectations for Student Behavior:

  • Students and parents are expected to play a role in maintaining the quality and safety of the transportation service. This includes adhering to behavior rules on school buses and other district vehicles. The emphasis on student behavior underscores the importance of a respectful and safe environment during transportation.

In summary, the district's transportation policy aims to provide a convenient, safe, and cost-free transportation service for eligible students while incorporating flexibility for families and prioritizing safety and communication. The collaboration between the district, students, and parents is essential in ensuring the effectiveness and safety of the transportation system.


An image of Ronnie Hambrick

Ronnie Hambrick

Director of Transportation and Maintanence
An image of Tammy Eggen

Tammy Eggen

Transportation Assistant/Bus Driver