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Health Services

The district employs a full time nurse and two school counselors to assist students with all healthcare needs.  

School health service provides preventive care, education, emergency care, referrals, and management of acute and chronic health conditions. The services offered are designed to promote the health of students, identify and prevent health problems and injuries and ensure proper care for students. Health services consist of screening, health counseling, urgent and emergency care, timely identification of and appropriate intervention for health problems.

The primary purpose of LaPoynor ISD's school health program is the optimal maintenance, promotion, protection, and improvement of students, staff, and community health. The district nurse works in conjunction with students, parents, educators, staff members, and other community members to provide resources to help the student. We want to assure a safe, healthy environment that is conducive to learning and to provide professional care for those who become ill or injured while at school. The school nurse is no substitute for the health care that parents should provide for children. We want to encourage individuals to use the services of a private physician, dentist, vision specialist, and/or community health agency. Assistance in obtaining these services will be facilitated through the school health program and the appropriate agencies as necessary.

The school nurse has a high level of academic preparation and is currently licensed to practice nursing under state law. School nurses strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of children and by identification and assistance in the removal or modification of health related barriers to the learning process for individual children.

An image of Pam Bailey

Pam Bailey

Elementary Nurse
An image of Leah Holcomb

Leah Holcomb

Secondary Nurse