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National Honor Society


2022-2023 NHS and NJHS Officers

An image of Cooper Gracey

Cooper Gracey

NHS President
An image of Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams

NHS Vice President
An image of Laney Almon

Laney Almon

NHS Secretary
An image of Matthew Driskell

Matthew Driskell

NHS Treasurer
An image of Lexi Brown

Lexi Brown

NJHS President
An image of Jayden Wade

Jayden Wade

NJHS Vice President
An image of Callie Harris

Callie Harris

NJHS Secretary
An image of McKenna Cook

McKenna Cook

NJHS Treasurer
An image of Timothy Church

Timothy Church

NJHS Committee Chair
An image of Whitney Knabel

Whitney Knabel

NHS Sponsor
An image of Ashley Faucett

Ashley Faucett

"Noblesse oblige (French: "nobility obligates"). The Dictionnaire de l'Académie française defines it thus: Whoever claims to be noble must conduct himself nobly."
NHS Motto