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Student Council


2023-2024 HS and JH Student Council Officers

An image of Morgan DeBusk

Morgan DeBusk

HS President
An image of Colton Eason

Colton Eason

HS Vice President
An image of Shelby Lidiak

Shelby Lidiak

HS Secretary
An image of Jordynn White

Jordynn White

HS Treasurer
An image of Kaitlynn Rushing

Kaitlynn Rushing

HS Parliamentarian
An image of Hannah Sims

Hannah Sims

HS Historian/Publicity
An image of Judith Bonds

Judith Bonds

HS DASH Committee Chair
An image of Ayrianna Young

Ayrianna Young

HS Pride and Patriotism Chair
An image of James Smith

James Smith

HS Energy and Environment Chair
An image of Jaci Rushing

Jaci Rushing

HS Community Service Chair
An image of McKenna Cook

McKenna Cook

HS Staff Appreciation Chair
An image of Jayden Wade

Jayden Wade

HS Staff Appreciation Chair
An image of Brayden Pinson

Brayden Pinson

HS Fundraising Chair
An image of Tara Kinabrew

Tara Kinabrew

HS Student Council Sponsor
An image of Kim Storey

Kim Storey

JH Student Council Sponsor
"A successful community creating a pathway to leadership."
Student Council Vision
"TASC promotes, develops, and empowers leadership development through student councils and advisors in Texas schools."
Student Council Mission