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ParentSquare Tips and Tricks

Posted Date: 02/02/2024

ParentSquare Tips and Tricks


Having Issues Accessing ParentSquare?

Ensuring seamless communication between the school and parents is essential for fostering a collaborative and supportive educational environment. At LaPoynor ISD, we rely on the Student Information System (Ascender) to facilitate this crucial link. It's imperative that the contact information in our system is accurate, as any discrepancy can hinder the connection to the ParentSquare platform.

During the commencement of each school year, parents are requested to diligently complete enrollment packets. These packets play a pivotal role in establishing a reliable communication channel. It is of utmost importance that parents provide a valid email address and cell phone number on these enrollment forms. The information collected serves as the basis for creating and updating each student's profile, which, in turn, links to the ParentSquare app. The ParentSquare platform is a valuable tool that keeps parents informed about school activities, announcements, and their child's academic progress. To fully leverage its capabilities, accurate contact details are paramount. By registering with the same email provided in the enrollment packet, parents ensure a seamless integration of their information with the ParentSquare app.

In instances where a parent has multiple children enrolled and notices that not all of them are visible on their ParentSquare account, we encourage immediate communication. Parents are urged to contact Ashleigh Arnold, our Director of Information Technology, at Mrs. Arnold is dedicated to addressing any concerns or discrepancies promptly, ensuring that all parents have comprehensive access to information regarding their children's education.

At LaPoynor ISD, we understand that effective communication is a shared responsibility. By maintaining accurate contact information, parents contribute significantly to their child's educational experience. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and encourage open dialogue to address any technological concerns, ensuring that our partnership in your child's education remains strong and well-informed.



Editing Notification Preferences on ParentSquare

The instructions below emphasize the importance of maintaining accurate notification preferences on the ParentSquare app to ensure that individuals receive timely and relevant information from the school. The goal is to enhance communication efficiency and keep parents/guardians well-informed about school-related updates, announcements, and urgent alerts.

  1. Open your ParentSquare app
  2. Click the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner
  3. Click Account
  4. Click Notifications
  5. Turn on School Alerts
  6. Select your preference for General Accouncements and Messages: Email / Text / App / All
  7. Turn on App Notifications – Instant

By following these steps and configuring the notification preferences as outlined, users increase the likelihood of staying informed about both general school messages and urgent alerts. This ensures a seamless flow of information between the school and parents or guardians, contributing to a more effective and responsive communication system.