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Sidewalk Chalk Competition Winners

Posted Date: 05/09/2024

Sidewalk Chalk Competition Winners

1st Place Team

The Red-headed Step Child &  - The Senior

Morgan DeBusk, James Smith, Carleigh Reynolds, and Emily DeBusk

With “Sun Rays and Sunny Days”

2nd Place Team

The Yappers

Kalan Maple and Emily White

With “Isn’t She Beautiful”

3rd Place Team

Panthers 4 Life

Emma Scott, Sophia Hammons, Callie Harris, Jayden Wade

With “The Summer the Flowers Turned Pretty”

Best Use of Color

The Chalkers

Haidyn Vandam, Ashley Thaw, Sophia Ramsey

With “Uh, Oh….Where’s the Sun

Most Creative

The Dragons

Fiona Keen, Allison Hubbard, Matthew Y’Barra, James Wavarusa

With “Summer of the Dragon”

Best Use of Shading & Blending

The Dynamic Duo

Emma Crye and Lily Obenauf

Best Representation of the “Summertime” Theme

The Skibidi Alphas

Maddisyn Kent, Karly Dunn, Lainey Tiner, and Laramie Joiner

With “Beach Day”

Best Characters from TV/Movies

The Scooby Doo Bunch

Harmony Watts, Magnolia Innes, Ash Oliver, and Grace Nelson

Honorable Mentions:

The Chaotic and Confused - Aislynn Hannigan, Sierra Welch, and Leland Rainwater

The Non-Artisits - Korbyn Brown, Noel Resendiz, and Zac Thaw