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Elementary High Flyers

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  • Our newest High Flyer is Neahmiah Clark!✈️  Neahmiah stepped up in a big way during breakfast. He noticed that our breakfast line was in need of help, and he politely asked if he could assist! Neahmiah has a heart of gold, and we love his servant hear
  • Congratulations to our newest High Flyer!!✈️  Ralynne Thaw  Ralynne has such a kind, helpful heart. She greets her classmates when they come in. She reminds her classmates to do their lunch count. She is always willing to help Kindergarten take AR tes
  • Our newest High Flyer is Kruz Reynolds!✈️  Each time Kruz's class comes to library, he always turns their books over to make scanning easier for Ms.Amy, and he helps tidy the library without being asked. One morning during breakfast, he even helped pu
  • High Flyer Dalton McGarity ✈️  Dalton is always making sure his friends are OK and checking on them if they are hurt or upset. He reminds everyone in class of the rules and has such a big heart! Thank you, Dalton! 💜
  • Our newest High Flyer is Thomas Mayne!✈️  When Thomas was finished with his snack durning recess, he threw away his trash into the trashcan. Not only that, but he continued to collect trash around the playground and throw it away. He helped make our p
  • Our newest High Flyer is Lleyton Fortner!✈️  Lleyton has a heart bigger than Texas! He’s goes out of his way to be kind and helpful without being asked. He is a joy to teach, a blessing to his classmates, and always respectful. If the world had 100
  • Our newest High Flyer is Tori Thaw✈️  Tori is always helping everyone around her, especially her classmates. She helps others without being asked, and she does it all with kindness in her heart!💜
  • Our newest member of the High Flyer Club✈️  Jagger was chosen as a High Flyer for his Kindness! He has a heart of gold and is a great example of a friend. He encourages his classmates when they struggle and stands up for his friends! Thank you, Jagger
  • McKenna was picking up trash on the playground during our extra recess. She was not asked to do so, and it was extremely helpful! Thank you McKenna! 🤍
  • Congratulations to the new members of our High Flyer Club!✈️ Olivia Coffey, Olivia spent her whole second recess picking up trash off the playground so it wasn’t messy. Great job!💜
  • Our newest High Flyer is Ronan Steelman!✈️  During a busy testing day, Ronan helped his classmates log into AR, and he read to many of his classmates when they needed assistance! Thank you Ronan!💜
  • Carlisle was recognized for her kindness when she stopped to help an older students pick up papers they had dropped!  Thank you, Carlisle!
  • On a very wet & rainy morning, Elijah kindly escorted classmates from the busses to the school with his handy umbrella! What a gentleman!
  • Seth Cogdill was chosen as our first High Flyer!✈️  This is our top honor for students who make an outstanding contribution to our school in the areas of Respect, Kindness, and Manners!  Seth stayed behind to help clean up in the lunch room! 💜
  • Our newest High Flyer is Aubrey Griffith!!💜✈️  Aubrey was in line in the café to dump her tray, and she stopped to pick up trash on the floor that didn’t belong to her. Thank you for helping us tidy up, Aubrey! 😍
  • Our newest High Flyer is Aubrey Hight!💜✈️  Aubrey is always a BIG helper to everyone around her. She has the BEST manners and is a great friend. She loves school so much and pushes everyone to be the best they can be. We are so proud of you, Aubrey
  • Our newest High Flyer is Annora Swoyer!💜✈️ Annora found a small fortune on the playground, a whopping seven dollars! And, with lightning speed, she turned in the money to her teacher. We are thankful for her honesty, integrity, and her ability to d
  • Our newest High Flyer is Rosaline Rawls!💜✈️ Rosa is a very kind young lady. Rosa always has a smile on her face and helps others. She is patient with everyone, shares nicely, and takes turns! Thank you for being so sweet, Rosa!😍
  • Our newest High Flyer!!💜✈️  Tristyn is the sweetest kid! She is always eager to lend a helping hand and willingly shares anything she has with others. She has a loving and kind heart and is a joy to be around. Tristyn makes the people around her wa
  • Our newest High Flyer is Kade Hooper!💜✈️  Kade is a walker to the high school, and everyday he helps others by being a good leader and following directions. He even holds the doors open for us each day! Thank you for your kindness, respect, and goo
  • Our newest high flyer Jensyn Welch!!💜✈️  Jensyn was extremely helpful to our school when he picked up several pieces of paper towels in the boys bathroom. Not only did he clean up after himself, but he took the time to clean up after others. Thank